Radiation Protection Water Detection

What do you get with our Radiation Protection System?

With existing property

  • Live again in a healthier environment
  • Maintaining the value of the property

Complaints should be alleviated and performance capacity raised


In new constructions

  • Avoid mistakes during construction
  • Respect legal requirements


In the area of work and in industry


  • Less absenteeism of the personnel due to illness
  • Considerably higher productivity
  • Work in a more relaxed atmosphere


In the private and in the living sphere


  •  Longer and deeper sleep
  • Children growing up healthier
  • More vitality and health in everyday life


We’ll show you

How to reduce the basic pollution present in your dwelling and work areas and favour a future free of radiation interference.

Harmonise your environment

The more harmony there is in your environment and your way of life, the more active and performing you will become.

Alterations in a water crystal from tap water through the Active Radiation Protection System