Radiation Protection Water Detection

Service offer for existing buildings

Naturally, it is easiest to keep to the required limits on a NEW CONSTRUCTION. But existing buildings can also be freed of interference by installing our Active Radiation Protection System. As a consequence, the value of such property can be maintained for years or can be improved, for instance after suffering a big loss through the presence of new aerials in the neighbourhood.


Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc. doesn’t only address itself to the problem of radiation but first undertakes an in-depth examination of all possible causes, so that in the end the complaints totally disappear. The way to proceed is always the same:


Phase 1

  • Registering the complaints with the help of our form
  • Analysis of the property
    - Geo-biological analysis
    - Electro-biological analysis according to EMT
    - ecological architecture
  • Detailed report about the sources of interference detected
  • Offer regarding the radiation suppression


Phase 2


  • Geo-biological radiation suppression by means of the installation of our Active Radiation Protective System and, if necessary, radiation suppression using ecological architecture and electro-biology in collaboration with external specialists
  • Registering a change in the complaints by means of the analysis form
    Closing talk and settlement of services


As an analysis can take quite some time, depending on the property, phase 1 is either settled in hourly wages or a flat charge is agreed on previously. For phase 2, the offer made in phase 1 is valid.


Cost example

The costs depend in great measure on the type of building. On a middle-size detached house, geo-biological and electro-biological radiation suppression can be undertaken for approx. SFr 4’500.-


Radiation suppression on school buildings?

Are you aware of the radiation children are exposed to daily while attending classes? Appeal to the authorities to carry out a gauging and set a precedent. Only thus can you be certain that your children aren’t exposed daily to levels of pollution above the norm. Contact us now; we’ll gladly help you with it.


Installation of the Active Radiation Protection System