Radiation Protection Water Detection

Solutions for building clients

1st Step: Sign a contract with the architect

stipulating that your construction must be built according to the guidelines of Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc. These are more stringent by a factor of 1’000 than the Swiss emissions limit laid down by the Swiss Ordinance on Emission Norms.


This is the only way to make certain that you will take possession of a house with the lowest possible radiation levels.


2nd Step: Use our modular offer

You decide, which products and services you would like to get. Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc. offers you the following modules:


1. Advice before building starts

2. Advice in the selection of materials

3. Instructing and training all those working on the construction site

4. Installation of our Active Radiation Protection System against geo-biological radiation - with a 10-year guarantee

5. Gauging check when the building is completed and before you take possession of the premises

6. Advice when you move in

7. Gauging after you have moved in and have installed all the appliances and devices




Contact us now and allow yourself a non-binding consultation. We’ll be glad to inform you about the various possibilities.


You are building a house?

Even before construction begins, make sure that you will feel well and perfectly comfortable within your own four walls. Get confirmation from the architect that the building is being done according to the indications of Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc.


A quality feature

You’re not likely to think about the sale of your house now; it is nevertheless reassuring to know that the value of your new construction is safe for years to come thanks to the Active Radiation Protection System.


No new aerial will ever be able to harm you or change that.