Radiation Protection Water Detection

Radiation Protection and electromagnetic tolerance

People complain ever more frequently about feeling unwell in their own home an at their workplace.  These complaints have a variety of causes and are mostly dealt with in an isolated fashion, which leads to the remission of some of these complaints whereas some stubbornly persist.


It is the goal of Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc. to inform comprehensively about these causes, to deal with the problem in its entirety and, in association with specialists and our partners, to free as many people as possible from their complaints.

We suppress interference mainly from detached houses, offices and farmsteads (farmhouses and stables). The installation of our Active Radiation Protection System requires from 1 day up to 1 week (industrial site), according to the size of the building The complaints are recorded before and after the interference suppression, so as to make the success apparent. Furthermore, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our installation which reduces the risk to the client to a minimum.


You can’t loose with Radiation Protection Switzerland Inc.,

you can only win!

Specially for new constructions

If you are thinking about, or are in the process of constructing a house, a factory building or new stables, then you ought to consider building it as free as possible of radiation and fields of interference from the very beginning and take into account elements of ecological architecture. We’ll gladly help you in this undertaking.


Tried everything already?

Have you already spent a lot of money on copper mats, glass prisms and healers without results? Then you should contact us, so as to be one of our satisfied clients without electrosmog soon.

Satisfied clients

We have already been able to help many persons as well as companies in solving their problems. If you want to join the growing circle of satisfied clients, then you are only one step away from it: contact us.